Child Protection Policy Updated 15th October 2015

Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

This club believes that when dealing with children and vulnerable adults, their welfare should always be of paramount importance. We are committed to providing an environment where young people can learn and participate in a sport free from harassment and abuse. All those people working with children have a moral responsibility to safeguard and promote a child’s welfare.

This club has therefore adopted a Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy to ensure peace of mind for both adults and children”

The following terms are used throughout this document:

  • Parents – Generic term to represent parents, carers and guardians
  • Young People – Also refers to archers with disabilities and vulnerable adults
  • Substantial Access – Being in a position of authority/influence when working with young people
1.0 The Policy Statement
2.0 Good Practice Guideline
3.0 Recruitment of Staff and Volunteers
4.0 Abuse
5.0 Responding To Disclosure, Suspicions and Allegations
6.0 Bullying
7.0 Photographs and Images of Children